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Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important for every child and is his/her own right. Good parenting and high quality early learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

We consider the individual needs, interests and stage of development of each child in our care and use observations, written and photographic, to plan a challenging and enjoyable experience for each child. We aim to work in partnership with parents to promote the learning and development of all children in our care and ensure they are ready for school.

Each group of children is assigned a key person, who helps to ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs, helps the child become familiar with the setting and builds a relationship with the parents.

We believe that careful planning is required to ensure play and learning is of a high quality, reflecting each child’s individuality. Our planning starts with the key person observing children in order to understand and consider their current interests, next steps in their learning and development. Interesting and challenging but achievable indoor and outdoor activities are then planned and evaluated, with observations recorded in your child’s learning journey.

We ensure that you have regular contact about your child’s learning and development with us and you will receive a summative assessment on your child’s learning and development every three months, and a progress check along with monthly activity sheets on what your child has been learning at the nursery.

A sneak Peek into our Class Rooms

Little Angels Room (Babies aged 0 months - 18 months)

Our baby centre is situated on the ground floor and is divided into two areas, (older and younger babies), which can take up to 10 babies in each room. In our ‘Baby Area’ we have highly experienced staff whose priority is to follow the home routine of each baby as closely as possible (Staff Ratio 1:3). We have a spacious play area with a quiet and secure sleeping area. We provide a variety of stimulating activities in a caring and friendly environment in order to promote your baby’s all round development. We are a breast feeding friendly nursery and will support mothers returning to work who still wish to breast feed. Our staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day where possible. All planning will be displayed on the room wall for you to view and see what activities and development your child will be participating on daily basis.

After the Baby Area, we will look to move your child to the ‘Toddler Area’.

All the activities in this area are aimed towards the baby’s first experiences. The environment is stimulating and our staff encourage babies to develop at their own pace, to ensure they meet their individual needs with careful planning and observation. The babies keep to their own routines to ensure they feel happy, secure and settled during their time with us in the nursery. Daily Records of feeding, nappy change and sleep time are maintained and sent home on a daily basis. We have provisions for additional support as and when required.

Parents are required to supply nappies, additional clothes and milk to ensure continuity between home and nursery for all babies.



Cute Caterpillars (Pre Nursery 18 months to 2.5 years)

Our Pre-Nursery room on the Ground floor has a designated area for role play, physical play and creative play housed in a spacious activity room and work tables for pre writing skill development, block play area and a reading corner in the class room. We offer a range of equipment and carefully planned activities to stimulate and encourage their development.

Children participate in child initiated activities and play opportunities to enhance and encourage their personal, social and emotional development. They learn to develop relationships and how to socially interact with other children. Their gross motor & fine motor developments are closely monitored and recorded. These are shared with parents on a regular basis.


Bouncy Butterflies Room (Ages 2.6 years - 3.5 years)

These two rooms accommodate up to 15 children each from the ages of 2.6 to 3.5 years, and cater to children of pre-school age. The focus of these rooms is based around independent learning and having routines in place for the children to take part in each day. The children in these rooms work around topic and story based activities in all areas of EYFS.

They are provided with a more structured day with a much greater choice of learning opportunities including arts and crafts, construction activities, table top games and much more! We will also introduce early numeracy and literacy skills and activities designed to develop your child’s communication skills. They will enjoy a wide range of planned activities, including opportunities for music and movement, messy and creative play. Gardening, petting and feeding animals and birds are encouraged at this stage. All the activities provided aim to encourage important social skills (turn taking, sharing, playing in groups and co-operating).

Aquatic Room & Jungle Room (Ages 3.6 years – less than 5 years)

In the FS 1 room, all the activities are based around the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and aim to enable the children to begin to achieve the Early Learning Goals in each area. Learning is encouraged through play and having fun. Our aim is to help all children to reach their full potential at each stage of their development.

We believe that children should start school healthy, happy, communicative, sociable, curious, active and ready and equipped for the next stage of life and learning. Being prepared for school is not just simply about knowing letters and numbers. It is about making sure that children are ready to make friends, to play, to ask for what they need and say what they think.

Other Indoor facilities

Multipurpose Activity Rooms

Our Nursery boosts of two spacious Multipurpose Activity Rooms (one on each floor) which house a puppet theatre, pretend play areas, a smart board for interactive learning, a gym, music & movement and much more...

Mini Zoo (Petting Zone)

Our Nursery is nature friendly, and thus encourages children and parents to appreciate nature’s bounty! We have a pigeon feeder in our back yard sensory garden area, and a two tier cage which houses child friendly birds and animals, all certified fit to be kept in the Nursery by a registered Veterinary Doctor. The children take turns to feed and pet the animals at designated time slots. Taking care of our animals provides our children with a great sense of responsibility and teaches them how to care for others. It also provides our children opportunities to develop empathy and social skills, builds their self-esteem and encourages calmness and relaxation.

Extensive Outdoor Facilities

Kid’s Own Kitchen Garden

The children are encouraged to tend to the garden patch under supervision and care of teachers and assistants. We have areas to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables, which can be accessed by all age groups, in all weathers.

Music wall & Sensory wall

In our back yard the children can explore the senses of touch, feel and listen. This area also houses an ‘outdoor chalk board’ and a ‘sand and water play’ area.

Shaded outdoor Play area

We have a safe and secure outdoor play area with carefully chosen age appropriate toys. Children of all age groups are allowed outdoor play sessions of at least 3 days per week 20 to 30 minutes per session. Main focus here is to develop their gross motor skills.

Add On Facilities

Special Need Coordinator/Psychologist :

We have a visiting SENCO Manager to assess, observe and support children as appropriate on the special educational needs profile and to support and advise Key Workers, Learning Support Assistants etc. as appropriate, in how to include children’s needs in the setting.

Visiting Doctor

A child specialist/ General physician is on board, who will check the children every month, and reports will be sent home.

Full Time MOH Licensed Nurse :

is responsible to give first aid care as well as basic medical care for welfare of children in any sickness and accidents occurring during school hours.

Health & Safety

  • Our policy is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our children, staff and visitors.
  • Most of our staff are first aid trained.
  • There are set procedures for administering medicines, fire evacuation and any event of accident.
  • Risk assessments are in place to enable us to identify and reduce any potential risks within the nursery, and also before taking children on field trips.
  • Regular fire drills will be carried out with dates and times recorded.
  • The nursery has high security with CCTV system, to monitor class rooms and outdoor play areas and procedures are in place to ensure that your child is not released to any other person other than yourself or a person authorised by you.

After 2 pm children from Kindergarten till Grade V are accepted for afternoon clubs
*** Parents are free to choose up to a maximum of 3 activities (1 hour each)
Timing: 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Radiant Reader’s Club

Our after School Reading club is built around fun to read books which encourages independent, recreational reading, which in turn has a positive impact on the rest of a child's day. Children can enjoy community-building experience by meeting with friends to choose, read, and discuss books together with supervised adult guidance by our experienced staff.




Creative Writer’s club

Writing Club is a great way for your children to express themselves. How do we get kids to want to write without complaining? Well, quite simple.... we give them fun topics to discuss in groups and then they write their own stories or essays. They are encouraged to draw a picture or collage to go with their essay. Creative writing is not just for older children. At Nature’s Crib, we start with children as young as 5 year olds.




Homework Help Club

Specially trained Teachers and Assistant Teachers offer Primary School aged children, support with Homework Assignments. Students have space to study, access word processing facilities and supervised internet access.





Daffy Doodlers Club

Drawing, painting, art and craft activities are some of the projects your kids will be working on, in this fun after School Club, guided by our expert Teachers. You'll be amazed at what your child can do!





Melody Makers Club

Melody Makers after School Club offers a unique introduction to music for pre-school and primary school aged children. The classes are engaging, inspiring, motivational and helps language development, hearing, communication, confidence and social skills through musical activities. Our Classes provide an opportunity to play musical instruments and work together as a group to create music.




Lil’ Chef Cookery Club

Children will learn how to cook (no fire cooking) by indulging in fun activities, which includes mastering kitchen fundamentals, working with other young chefs and Teachers, experiencing delicious food experiments and eating their own creations; all of which is hands-on with expert guidance. From an icing class to a fruit and vegetable workshop, there is something for even the most discerning little chefs!!




Fancy Footwork Dance Club

Our after School dance club is the perfect opportunity for your children to learn a new style of dance or to improve on the one they are already familiar with. Classes are extremely fun and a great way for children to keep fit. A small presentation at the end of each month is usually the main aim which gives the children a focus and enables parents to see what has been learnt.




Afternoon Club fee schedule

Non Refundable 1 Time Registration Fee ( for external kids only ) : Aed 200

  • Parents/ school transport can drop children off at the Nursery entrance by 2.30 pm (no extra fee charged)
  • Parents can choose any 3 club activities out of a wide range of 7 activities if opting for 3 pm to 6 pm(3 hours) afterschool care
  • A club can start functioning only when we register a minimum of 5 members in it.
  • Weekly or monthly programes are charged at a fixed per hour rate.
  • Parents opting for a full term however gets a 10% discount on the total amount( only if opting for 3 hours after care services)
3.00-4.00 4.00-5.00 5.00-6.00
Sunday Home work help Dance/ writing Music/reading
Monday Home work help Art & Craft/writing Cooking/reading
Tuesday Home work help Dance/ writing Music/reading
Wednesday Home work help Art & Craft/writing Cooking/reading
Thursday Home work help Dance/ writing Music/reading
Choice of Any 3 clubs Per day Weekly Monthly Term wise
5 days Home work club/ Creative writing Club/Reading club 25 125 500 1500
3 days Dance /Music 30 90 360 1080
2 days Cooking/ Art & Craft | (material provided by the centre) 40 80 320 960
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