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Hello & welcome to our Nursery website! We know that as busy parents, you have limited time, so we have tried to include all the important information that we think you would like to know about us. We hope it will provide you with the information you require. The website can only give you a glimpse at the wonderful things the children can take part in and learn about in our Nursery. To know more about us, do call us at 0526 034 717, 0526 034 714. You are welcome anytime during our working hours for a walk through with your child. We will be happy to show you around our facility.

We are a Private Nursery School which offers wraparound care and is therefore open from 7.30 am until 6.30 pm 5 days a week, Sunday through Thursday, throughout the year, except on Public and National Holidays.

About Us

We are a first of its kind Private Nursery School set in the beautiful Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, on Kuzam Street, with a unique "Outdoor Learning" ethos. Children will spend much of their time with us outside – planting, growing, creating, investigating and exploring, helping them to gain awareness and respect for their environment. This experience is not a duplication of what is learnt inside, but an extension of it. Our curriculum is based around the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, incorporating methods from Montessori, keeping each child's individual strengths and interests at heart and where children are granted the freedom to explore and play, and igniting their passion and excitement for learning.

Our Mission

At Nature’s Crib we provide the best for each individual child and their family. We believe children learn best through play and aim to provide an environment that supports high quality play and learn opportunities.

  • To develop the children's sense of self-respect, awareness of, and sensitivity to others.
  • To provide learning experiences that are stimulating, exciting, challenging and purposeful.
  • To provide opportunities for the children to learn by doing and to start working independently.
  • To develop understanding and respect for religious, moral and cultural diversity.
  • To foster the development of creativity and discovery and ability to use and appreciate the arts.
  • To encourage active learning through quality resourcing and opportunities.
  • To be tailored to each individual child and their needs

Our Vision

We offer high quality education, childcare, family involvement and adult learning in a supportive, caring and secure environment in which everyone is valued.

  • Introduce Early Years Education integrated with Montessori in a way that makes learning fun.
  • Create a lifelong love of learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Develop listening and communication skills to become confident communicators.
  • Develop imagination, exploration, investigation, and independent thinking.
  • Motivate children to do their best and fulfil their potential
  • Work in partnership with the parents.
  • Treat all children as individuals and offer equal opportunities for all children.

Our Team

Our nursery staff comprises a blend of mature, experienced and professionally qualified nursery teachers and trainees working towards their qualifications. All staff are skilled in expertly guiding your child through the wonders of learning whilst playing.

We provide ongoing training for our staff to constantly update their own skills and abilities. Our staff is passionate and committed to creating an atmosphere of care and respect which radiates throughout this happy nursery and is led by our dedicated and enthusiastic management team.

We ensure that the correct staff ratios are maintained at all times.

  • UNDER 18 months 1: 3 staff student ratio
  • 18 Months -2.5 Years 1: 5 staff student ratio
  • 2.5 Years–Under 5 Years 1: 8 staff student ratio
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